Brooklyn Architects Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Formed to raise funds for awarding architectural scholarships to qualified persons and to advance the architectural profession.

All members in good standing of the AIA/Brooklyn are automatically members of the Brooklyn Architects Scholarship Foundation Inc.

A tax exempt, non-profit organization


Giuseppe Anzalone, AIA
Giuseppe Anzalone, AIAPresident
Ida Galea, AIA
Ida Galea, AIAVice President
Jane McGroarty, AIA
Jane McGroarty, AIATreasurer
Anthony Marchese, AIA
Anthony Marchese, AIASecretary


Ray Mellon, Esq., Hon. AIA
Ray Mellon, Esq., Hon. AIADirector
David Flecha, Associate AIA
David Flecha, Associate AIADirector
John H. Hatheway Jr., AIA
John H. Hatheway Jr., AIADirector
Pamela Weston, Associate AIA
Pamela Weston, Associate AIADirector
Nick Raschella
Nick RaschellaDirector
Joseph Tooma
Joseph ToomaDirector

To date, the Brooklyn Architects Foundation has awarded about $200,000.00 to hundreds of deserving architectural students.

For additional information, or contribution, please contact:

Giuseppe Anzalone, AIA
175 West Broadway New York, New York, 10013
tel: 212 680 0140
fax: 212 658 9548