1. Entrants give AIA Brooklyn, AIA Queens, AIA Staten Island and AIA Bronx permission to reproduce their submission without restriction.

2. No royalties shall be payable by AIA Brooklyn, AIA Queens, AIA Staten Island and AIA Bronx or any other sponsors for use of the submission entry materials.

3. Entrants verify that all information provided in the Concealed Entry Form is true and their submission is subject to disqualification in the event that it is found that any information has been falsified.

4. For all categories, all entrants and teams must have at least one registered architect (the architect of record) in order to submit. Students are eligible to submit under the student awards category. Associate members/Interns/Non-Architects are able to submit without a registered architect only for the unbuilt category for competition related projects.

5. Entrants affirm that they are sole owner of the materials identified in the submission entry, that each submitted entry is an original work, and that neither these materials nor the permission granted hereby infringes upon the ownership, copyright, trademark, or rights of others.

6. All deliverables become property of AIA Brooklyn, AIA Queens, AIA Staten Island and AIA Bronx.

7. Previously submitted projects can be re-submitted for review one additional time after the initial submission.

8. All projects should be recent. The completion of construction should be within the last five (5) years from the call for entries date (January 2012 – March 2017). The project must be at least at substantial completion in order to qualify.

9. If the project is submitted from a team of people, all primary team members must be identified on the registration form.

10. All entries must be submitted without identifying marks, including logos, texts, insignia, or images that could be used to identify the submission’s author(s).

11. For jurying purposes, each project is considered as a separate entry and a separate entry fee must be paid for each. Multiple designs will not be considered as a single entry.

12. Entrants are not allowed to discuss details of their submissions with any of the judges directly whatsoever. Any attempt to do so will result in immediate disqualification. All questions may be forwarded to

13. Any deviation from competition rules may result in automatic disqualification at the discretion of the jury.

14. Entrants must identify the project category (see BQDA Award Categories) under which they are submitting. The jury has the discretion to give an award in a different category than the one selected by the entrant. The jury is not required to give awards for each category.

15. The selection of the jury is determined by the Design Awards Committee and is approved by the Board of Directors. The jury will not be local to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.

16. All photo credits must be provided and forms completely filled out.

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