Getting Started with A.R.E.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided. 
CE Credits: 2 LUs

2017 is the year of the Architecture Registration Exam. With ARE 4.0 getting retired and ARE 5.0 coming to life, more people are talking about the ARE now then ever before. This is the biggest update to the Architect Exam in about 15 years.

One group of people who are really confused, are the people who haven’t yet started studying or preparing for their first ARE. This lecture will examine and discuss:

+Which exam do I take first?
+Do I take 5 exams or 7 exams?
+How will I be impacted by the ARE 5.0 Transition?
+What’s the best book to study?
+How long should I study?
+What should I expect when I take the exam?
+Can I work 40 hours a week and do this?

This lecture will be sharing the methodology, study techniques and things Mike Riscica have learned from helping others prepare for their first exam.